Post office payment machine

The Prague Main Post Office, Jindřišská St.

Card payment machine

PRE, Prague, Jungmannova St. – Adria Palace

Pay at the pump machine, payment machine

  • Fuel vending at filling station
  • Exchange office
  • Snack vending

Payment machine, cash and card payments

Why Choose Us


Our own HW & SW development

Numerous references throughout EU

ECB certification

100% Czech company

Central management software

Automatic refilling of banknote and coin dispensers with accepted cash.

Possible individual modifications of software and hardware.

Dozens of installations throughout Czech Republic and EU – accepted and issued denominations in billions of CZK, EUR and PLN.

Banknote recyclers meet strict criteria defined by ECB.

The entire capital originates and remains in the Czech Republic.

Central operation and management of payment machine network.

Our payment machines are designed to be used at

  • e-SHOPs as stock release terminals
  • local authorities (municipalities, police, post offices, ...)
  • transport infrastructure services (fare vending, fines, fees, ...)
  • retail shops
  • filling stations
  • exchange offices
  • car services
  • hotels
  • ski resorts
CASH 3D machine

Accepts banknotes
(CZK, EUR, PLN, USD, ...)

Accepts banknotes

Accepts coins
(CZK, EUR, PLN, USD, ...)

Accepts coins


Accepts payment cards

Gives out banknotes
(up to 20 banknotes
at the same time)

Gives out banknotes<

Gives out coins

Gives out coins


Thermal printer

Touchscreen 19″

Touchscreen 19″

Non-cash Payments

Our payment machines contain payment terminals that accept all usual bank cards, such as VISA, MC/EC, Diners Club and other. They fulfill various certificate requirements and criteria defined by card issuing banks both in the Czech Republic and abroad, as our customers require.

Cash Payments

Payment4U payment machines accept and give out all coins and banknotes of currencies as the customer wishes to select. We concentrate on recyclable dispensers only, as they are filled with respective denominations of accepted cash, making the change of cash dispensers faster and cheaper.

Invoice / Discount / Loyalty Cards

Customers are able to accept/define various special cards (discount, invoice, bonus, third party...) which help them attract more customers through Payment4U payment machines. Here the customers get more benefits than from competitors. Cards can be used in marketing and customer loyalty programs as well.

Special Payment Systems

Payment4U payment machine is ready to use by special groups of customers as well. Especially the youth appreciate up to date payment technologies, such as:

  • SMS, Premium SMS

  • Web gateways

  • Mobi1, M-payments, mobito...

  • NFC and PK

Technical Design of Payment Machines

Automat CASH 3D Automat CASH 3D, SCAN Automat CARD

Technical design and accessories of payment booths are specific for particular environment to meet the needs of the customer’s conditions, interior and exterior, material and colour preferences. Our payment machines can include these variants:

  • Standalone payment machine either for interior or exterior use

  • Possible integration into various structures, such as walls, furniture, plasterboard...

  • Suspended from the top or integrated in a pillar

Payment booth can be made of steel (safety steel), stainless steel (especially for exteriors), aluminium (for portable versions). Various surface colours of RAL colour standard can be selected.

Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines

Technologies and Equipment of Payment Machines

Payment4U payment machine can be equipped with various modules in accordance with customer’s needs.

  • Touchscreen 10″ – 21″, can be covered with safety toughened glass

  • Industrial computer for use in harsh environments up to -25 – +80 °C

  • Magnetic card readers, RFID, NFC, ...

  • Barcode readers (1D, 2D, QRc, ...)

  • Keyboard – interior or exterior (anti-vandalism) versions

  • uilt-in camera – can be connected to closed-circuit television

  • Thermal printer including possibility to print on special materials

  • Laser printer for large size documents

  • Issuing of plastic cards (customer/payment/RFID...), including printed ones

  • LED navigation to peripherals

  • Cash/non-cash payment systems (see above)

  About Us

Zdeněk Vacek
Zdeněk Vacek, executive head

Financial Systems Development, s.r.o. was estabilished as a developer company in 2000 and through its existence it has expanded into the present leading company in the field of payment systems – payment machines. Our goal is to create quality hardware solutions supported by highly flexible software.

Michal Řezanina
Michal Řezanina, sales director

Trading model of FSD Company is based on an effort to offer complex services delivering payment systems and to create solutions adapted to detailed requirements of our customers. Effective and long-term proof support of payment booths provides our customers with security even in rush hour periods.


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